Tysoe Walled Kitchen Garden

Welcome to the Tysoe Walled Kitchen Garden website! We are committed to organic gardening. Using the best practices from the Victorian days (i.e. lots of horse manure) and knowledge gleaned from the Ryton Organic Gardens we have set out to tame our Warwickshire clay. It’s all about sustainability, so as well as organic gardening, we’re always looking to better ways to work with our environment.

On this site you can find out about our history and the projects we are working on. You can come visit the garden and learn about organic gardening. Follow our blog to see what’s on our mind in the garden this month.

For the first 8 years all the work was carried out by just the two of us. Now we have help and are passing on our knowledge to students on the WRAGS (Work and Retrain As a Gardener Scheme).

We also find time to be involved with the WOT2Grow Community Orchard in Tysoe and have planted a 3 acre wood close to Tysoe, just over the border in Oxfordshire with a grant from the Woodland Trust.

Tuesday, January 16, 2024


Welcome 2024. After quite a mild but wet Christmas it has now turned more seasonably cold, very cold today, 0 degrees this morning but has crept up to 3.5 now at 3pm.

So wet in December, we had 60.09mm of rain in December 2023, in 2022 just 24.11mm and in 2021 16.51mm. There was even more in December 2020 with 60.69mm.

Remember the very cold winter of 2022? We lost most of our Aeoniums, as did many other people, despite being in a bubble wrapped greenhouse where they had happily spent many previous winters.

This year I have brought the remaining ones inside, so all the window sills are full!

Aeoniums overwintering inside the house

We have also taken precautions outside and used fleece and covers to protect some of the plants, that suffered in the cold last year but manage to perk up during the year. Hopefully this will be sufficient to save them this winter.

Globe artichoke


It may be cold outside but cheering colour sign is here already! The snowdrops are bright white in the grey days.

                                                                    Mrs McNamara

                                                            Bright pink Cyclamen coum

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